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How to place a bet

Placing a back bet

You can place a back (for) bet by selecting the odds in the green box. When placing a back bet you are betting for an outcome to happen - for example betting for Real Madrid to win the match. You will only win this bet if Real has won after regular time has expired .

In doing so, the odds currently in the box "price" will be selected. You are free to adjust the odds and stake to your liking. Your potential return is given before placing the bet.


Placing a lay bet

You can place a lay (against) bet by selecting the odds in the blue box. When placing a lay bet you are betting for an outcome not to happen - for example betting that Real Madrid will not win the race. This bet will win if Real Madrid loses or match ends as a draw.

Again, the current odds will automatically be selected but you can alter these to your liking. Under default settings, you enter a ‘back stake’ and you are presented with a return and a liability.

Your ‘back stake’ is the amount you stand to win if you win the bet. The ‘liability’ is the amount you stand to lose if you lose the bet.

Uncheck the ‘show backer’s stake’ box in your settings to instead enter the liability as your stake.


Note: If instead of odds the option ‘make offer’ is displayed, this means there are no odds currently available. You can place a bet into the market and select your own odds, and wait to see if your bet becomes matched.

Placing a bet in-play

Bets placed in-play on markets not managed by Instant Match will be subject to a betting delay. The bet will wait four (for darts or horse racing events) or eight (for all other events) seconds before placing, to ensure users cannot take advantage of faster feeds or courtside betting.


Bets placed in-play on markets managed by Instant Match are automatically matched, but subject to a pending period.

These markets will receive live score updates. If a material event (or suspected material event) occurs during the pending period, such as a goal or red card in a football match, then the bet will be made void.

After the pending period has elapsed, the bet will be valid.

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