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Bet calculator

Smarkets’s bet calculator automatically calculates your payout for any bet whether it’s back or lay betting on a betting exchange or a bookmaker, so you can identify your return and any commission paid quickly.

Having the ability to calculate your return on any bet is fundamental, and the Smarkets bet calculator makes this process simple.

How to use the bet calculator

Using the bet calculator couldn’t be simpler just follow the below instructions:

  1. Select whether your bet is a back or lay.
  2. Enter your stake (the amount you want to bet), the odds you want to bet at, the odds type, and the commission if using an exchange (if using a bookmaker change commission to 0%).
  3. The calculator will then automatically fill in the desired fields:
    1. Odds after commission (Odds have commission factored in)
    2. Return
    3. Liability (relevant for lay bets only)
    4. Profit
    5. Commission value
    6. Profit after commission

Why use the bet calculator

This bet calculator quickly works out the following on all single bets whether they are lay or back bets:

  • Your return
  • Your profit after commission has been applied
  • The amount of commission you pay per bet
  • Your liability on lay bets

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