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Voided / cancelled bets

If your bet has been voided or cancelled your liability is returned, so you incur no loss.

Cancelled bets

Unmatched bets are cancelled when the market is halted. The market will halt at the start and the end of the event, as well as when a material event occurs in markets managed by Instant Match.

In horse racing, the market will halt whenever a reduction factor is applied due to a non-runner being removed from the race.

Unmatched bets can be cancelled by users through the ‘Your Bets’ section. Any unmatched bets will be cancelled automatically when the market next halts.

Voided bets

Smarkets will void any bets where the outcome cannot be reasonably determined. Common reasons for the voiding of bets include:

  • Postponement/cancellation of an event.
  • A horse being declared a non-runner in non ante-post horse market.
  • Bets placed after the outcome has already been determined.
  • Bets matched during the pending period following a material event (when managed by Instant Match).

Please also refer to our sports specific betting rules for other situations which may result in bets being voided.

Note: Markets will only be voided due to postponement/cancellation if the event is not concluded within 36 hours of the originally scheduled start time.

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