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Instant match

Instant Match matches in-play bets immediately at the requested price. Rather than placing a bet and hoping the price is still available after the countdown has reached zero, you will be matched instantly at the requested price.

Bets will be subject to a ‘Pending’ confirmation delay after being matched. If no significant events occur in this period, the bet is confirmed. For matches in English and Scottish competitions the pending period is 8 seconds. For matches in all other competitions the pending period is 14 seconds.

If our scouting feed tells us that a material event (a goal, red card, or penalty) or a set-piece event (corner or dangerous free-kick) might have occurred, the Pending period is extended until we get confirmation either way. If subsequent messages confirm that a material event has occurred, we void those bets matched in the Pending period. This is to protect users from courtsiding and faster feeds.

The ‘Pending’ status of your bet will be displayed in ‘Your bets’ and will disappear once the bet is confirmed.

Full details regarding Instant Match can be found in our betting rules.

Note: If a market is not managed by Instant Match, it will not halt automatically when material events occur. This means it is vital for users to manage their own bets when betting on these in-play markets. 

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