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20. American football rules

Smarkets general betting rules (1-11) will apply unless superseded by the General Terms or sports specific betting rules.

20.1   General

20.1   All markets will be settled on the result including overtime, unless otherwise stated.

20.2   If, after overtime, there is a tie, bets on the outright match winner market will be voided.

20.3   If a match does not start on the scheduled start date and is not completed within 36 hours of the original scheduled completion date, all bets on the match will be voided.

20.4   If a match begins but is then postponed or abandoned, then within 72 hours of the initial start date:

  • at least 55 minutes of play must have elapsed; or
  • an official result must be declared.

If neither of the above criteria are met, all bets will be voided, except for bets in markets where the outcome has already been unconditionally determined.

20.5   For bets on the outcome of the coin toss pre-game, the market will be settled based on the official result. If the coin toss is repeated any number of times due to a foul throw or throws the official result will still be used to settle the market.

20.6   'Outright Winner' markets will be settled as the named winner by the relevant governing body, regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result. Dead heat rules apply. All bets will stand regardless of the length of the season so long as a winner is declared.

20.7  All bets on 'First Touchdown Scorer' and 'Anytime Touchdown Scorer' will stand whether the listed player plays any part in the match or not, provided the player is not listed as 'inactive'. Bets on players who are listed as 'inactive' will be voided. For a player to be settled as a winner in this market, they must score the first touchdown of the game when their team is on offence. If a listed player scores the first touchdown of the game on special teams or defense their team's D/ST will be settled as the winner.

20.8   For handicap markets, if the match finishes in a tie with the stated handicap taken into account all bets on the market will be void.

20.9   For total points markets, if the total points in the match is equal to the line stated all bets on the market will be void.

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