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19. Baseball rules

Smarkets general betting rules (1-11) will apply unless superseded by the General Terms or sports specific betting rules.

19.1   General

19.1   All bets will be voided on all markets unless both named pitchers start in the first innings for their respective teams.

19.2   A pitcher is deemed to start once he has thrown a single pitch to the opposing team's first batter, in the first innings.

19.3   MLB specific rules

19.3.1   Bets will be settled as their outcomes become determined. Later decisions to void markets will not affect earlier settled markets if the outcomes of which are unaffected.

19.3.2   Matches must begin on their scheduled starting date, or be voided. If a match begins but is later abandoned or postponed a result must be declared within 72 hours for outstanding bets to be valid.

19.3.3   Extra innings will be included unless stated otherwise.

19.3.4   At least nine innings (or 8.5 innings if the home team is ahead) must be completed for bets on ‘Total runs’ or ‘Run line’ markets to be valid.

19.3.5   If a game is abandoned all bets placed on winner markets will be voided:

  • If the game is not replayed within 36 hours of the original start time
  • Or unless five innings have been played (or 4.5 innings if the home team is ahead).