Horse Racing SP



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    Hi Daniel. SP betting isn't something that's high in our list of priorities right now but it is something we'll consider for implementation in future.

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    Floyd 73

    I agree with Daniel. I need to be able to place my bets either the night before racing or the morning of racing as I dont have the luxury or time to place my bets just before the off. I feel you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to bring many punters to Smarkets. I'm not necessarily looking for industry SP or Betfair BSP. I just want to be in a position to place my bets in the morning or evening before and just state to Smarkets that I want to take the best odds on offer by the market just prior to the off. Surely that wouldn't be too difficult. Most people want to enjoy the rest of their day rather than being stuck staring at a monitor or their smart phone all day awaiting their races to go off prior to placing a bet. Come on guys please make this a priority. Thanks

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