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What is a trixie bet?

A trixie is a type of multiple - or accumulator - bet where three selections (e.g. three horses) are combined into four bets - three doubles and a treble.

Trixies are a popular type of ‘exotic’ bet when making three win-only selections - you simply make your picks and when selecting the trixie option they are automatically put into three doubles and a treble. You can also create a bet with the three singles as well as the three doubles and treble - this is called a patent.

With a trixie, it’s important to remember that because there are effectively four bets within one, your stake will be multiplied by four, so a £1 stake would actually total £4. You cannot adjust your stake for each different multiple within the trixie, it will be spread equally over the four bets.

Should all three of your selections be successful, you will win the maximum payout as all three doubles and the treble will have won. If two out of three win, then you will win one of the four bets - the double containing the two winners - and lose the other two doubles and the treble. If only one or none of your three selections win you will lose your entire stake as at least two need to win. 

Effectively, a trixie is a way of ensuring a return should one of your three selections fail to win. So your chance of making a return is greater than a standard three-leg multiple (treble) but your stake is also four times as big.

Can I do an each-way trixie?

Yes. Like other exotic multiples such as a yankee or a heinz, you can do an each-way trixie should the selections you have chosen allow each-way betting. Most commonly, each-way trixies are used when betting on horse racing.

The important thing to remember with an each-way trixie is that your stake will be double that of a trixie containing only win bets, because as part of the each-way bet you’ll have two separate wagers - one on the horse to win and one for it to place. So if you stake £1 on your each-way trixie, the total will be £8, not £4.


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