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What are the charts at the top of each market?

We've recently rolled out a new version of our charts and we're very excited to now display a greater level of historic data to all our users for every market on the exchange. These reflect a significant improvement over our previous charts.

The market charts can be used to:

  • Track the historic price of the executions on any contract within any market. The chart will default to the top 5 contracts in the market, but this can be changed by clicking the icon in the top right of the chart.
  • See the volume of bets executed on each contract over time

The display of the chart can be toggled on and off by clicking on the bar chart icon to the right of the market name.

Hide charts by default

While we think the charts are a great feature, we do appreciate that they're not necessarily useful for every user of Smarkets. As such, we've also introduced an option to hide these by default.

To do this you'll simply need to navigate to the settings page, which can be found by clicking the silhouette icon in the top right of the page. In the general tab on this page, you can choose to:

  • Always show charts by default
  • Only show charts on a large screen (anything wider than 640px)
  • Never show charts by default

Choose your preferred option, click save details and next time you visit an event your preference will be reflected.

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