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Winter Premier League promotion FAQ


Q: Why has week 10 of the promotion been extended?

A: We're extending the end of our Premier League promotion from 10/02/20 to 17/02/20. This is because, in the last week of the offer, there are not enough matches to hit the five-game quota in order to qualify for the final £10 bonus. Therefore, Week Ten will now run from 03/02/20 to 17/02/20, with the bonus amount still being £10 for this period.

Q: Do both back bets and lay bets count?

A: Yes, you can either place back or lay bets to qualify for this offer.

Q: What is an outright market?

A: An outright market is, for example, the Premier League winner market. Outright markets are listed here.

Q: Why am I getting an error message when I try to opt in?

A: This is likely because someone else at your address has already opted into the promotion. This promotion is limited to one opt-in per household. 

Q: What are the minimum odds?

A: There are no minimum odds. You simply need to have incurred £10 of exposure at the point of market settlement.

Q: What is exposure?

A: Exposure is the amount you are risking when placing a bet. It can either be the stake when you are placing a back bet, or the liability when placing a lay bet.

Q: Can you qualify for this offer by placing bets on accumulator markets?

A: No.

Q: Can I trade out of a bet and still qualify?

A: If you trade out of your bet, you will only qualify if you still have at least £10 of exposure when the market settles. If, by trading out, you reduce your exposure to under £10, this will then not count as a qualifying match.

Q: I already placed some bets on eligible markets before I opted in. Will these bets count towards the promotion?

A: Yes. As long as you're opted in at the time the market settles, any bets placed on the market will count towards the promotion.

Q: When is the bonus credited?

A: The bonus is credited by 11:59PM GMT each Tuesday.

Q: How do I know if the bonus is credited?

A: You will get an email once the bonus is added to your account each Tuesday. There will also be an entry made into your account statement to reflect this.

Q: How do I bet with the bonus funds?

A: The bonus works as a refund on the losses that you incur on your account. Once the bonus is added, the next £10 that you lose on any market or combination of markets will be automatically refunded. 

Q: Does the bonus only refund bets placed on the Premier League?

A: No, after the bonus is added to your account, it will apply as a refund to the next £10 of losses incurred on any market/sport. 


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