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Net settlement

If you have placed multiple bets on the same market, when settlement occurs your account page will show the consolidated settlement for this market.

This means you will not see an individual breakdown for all bets but your net result for that market. This is because we only charge commission based on net winnings and not each winning bet.

In the example below, we have three bets in the winner market for the Manchester City vs Liverpool match. 

Bet Won - Against Manchester City - £19.07 @ 2.38. Winnings = £19.07

Bet Lost - Against Liverpool - £4.87 @ 3.2. Losses = £10.71

Bet Won - Against Manchester City - £9.66 @ 2.4. Winnings = £9.66

To get the net settlement in the market, we need to add the winnings together and then subtract the losses. We therefore get the following calculation:

£19.07 + £9.66 - £10.71 = £18.02

Once the 2% commission charge of £0.36 is applied, we get the overall net settlement of £17.66.






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