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How to use your account statement

The statement page provides a list of all bets placed and transactions made on your account.

What’s displayed on my statement?

The statement displays information for all of your betting, market, and transaction actions on Smarkets.

Using the filters

When on your account page you can apply the following filters:

  • Date type
  • Transaction type
  • Event category


How to apply a filter

  1. To apply a filter simply click the drop-down menu. 
  2. From here you can select the relevant filters you wish to apply. You can also select multiple filters.

Understanding your account page

Your account page contains information for all historical activity on your account.

Running balance

A running balance figure is displayed. This is your balance before exposure for current bets has been taken off, meaning it may differ from your available balance at the top of the page. Your running balance minus your exposure will equal your available balance.


When placing a bet, the statement will confirm the timestamp of each stage of the bet placing process. Therefore, you will be able to see when a bet was placed as well as when it was matched.


Bet liability refers to the amount you are risking when placing a bet. Liability can be viewed for lay bets under the backer’s stake in the 'stake / liability' column.

Below is the full life cycle of one bet.


Market settlement

If you have placed multiple bets on the same market when settlement occurs your account page will show the consolidated settlement for this market.

This means you will see your net result for that market, not your breakdown for each individual bet. This is because we only charge a commission based on net winnings and not each winning bet.

The below example shows several bets on one market, with the total settlement, made and commission applied.


Additional details

At the top of the page, you'll also see the following information.

  • Your available balance. 
  • Your total exposure - the maximum amount you could lose - for all currently unsettled bets.
  • Your 30-day profit/loss (all settled bets for the past 30 days).
  • The most you could win for all currently unsettled bets.
  • The number of bets you have placed this calendar month.
  • The total amount staked this month.


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