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Setting a deposit limit

It’s easy to set a deposit limit with Smarkets. You can set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits.

Once your deposit limit has been set, the changes will happen immediately for a reduction, while there will be a week pending period before increased limits will take effect.

On Smarkets we offer the option to set either 'Net' or 'Gross' deposit limits. A net limit takes into account withdrawals whereas a gross limit does not. For example a £300 net limit and a £300 gross limit are set for the same period and a £150 deposit is then made, followed by a £100 withdrawal. In this example the net limit would have £250 remaining whereas the gross limit would have only £150 remaining as it takes into account only deposits.

Limit periods will reset at midnight. The weekly, monthly and yearly limits will reset every 7, 30 and 365 days respectively after they were set and will therefore not always follow calendar weeks, months or years.

Click here to set a deposit limit on your account. 

Note: When a deposit limit is set up, it will last until the end of that day and then for a further 24 hours. Future deposit limits will reset 24 hours following the deposits. 


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