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Why can't I make a withdrawal?

Possible Reasons

If you are unable to make a withdrawal it could be related to one of the following issues:

  • Your balance is below the minimum withdrawal requirement.
  • You have deposited using another payment method and your current balance can only be withdrawn to that method. If this method has been removed, please contact our Customer Service team.
  • You're making the withdrawal in a different country to where your card is registered.
  • Your billing address is different to the address registered to your Smarkets account.
  • You have used your card too many times in the last 12 hours. 


Your options, if none of the above rings true

If you are having issues withdrawing your winnings to your currently active payment method(s), and you have already closed the loop (i.e. you have withdrawn net deposits for all payment methods in your account), please try the following options:

  1. Add a new payment method to your account by depositing the minimum allowed amount (we recommend Instant Bank Transfer where possible). You’ll then be able to withdraw as usual to this method (including the most recent deposited amount, if you wish)
  2. Request a bank transfer by contacting our Customer Service team

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