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15. Cricket rules

Smarkets general betting rules (1-11) will apply unless superseded by the Terms and Conditions or sports specific betting rules.

15.1   General

15.1.1   Bets will be settled as their outcomes become determined. Later decisions to void markets will not affect earlier settled markets if the outcomes of which are unaffected.

15.1.2   If the result is determined by a tie breaker including, but not limited to, bowl-off, super-over or a toss of the coin, remaining undetermined markets, including the winner market, will be voided.

15.1.3   If the result of a match is a draw or a tie, markets will be voided unless they have this selection as a possible outcome.

15.1.4   A ball must be bowled for bets to be valid. If no ball has been bowled, outstanding markets will be voided.

15.1.5   When a match is curtailed by the weather, bets will be settled according to the official result, including limited overs matches, whereby the result is determined by the Duckworth Lewis method.

15.2   Test matches

15.2.1   Test matches must conclude within five days of the original scheduled date. If they do not, any outstanding markets will be voided.

15.2.2   If less than 20 overs are bowled in an innings in a Test match, any outstanding ‘innings runs’ markets will be voided unless the outcome of that market is already known. This rule will not apply in the case a team is all out or declares their innings inside of 20 overs.

15.2.3   If a Test match is abandoned for any reason other than the weather, Smarkets will void outstanding bets.

15.3   Limited Over matches

15.3.1   If the Duckworth Lewis method is used to determine the result of a limited overs match, bets on undetermined 'Highest 10 over Total’ and ‘Opening Partnership’ will be voided.

15.3.2   If a limited overs match is declared as having “No Result”, all undetermined markets will be voided.

Last modified: May 17, 2018

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