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35. Fantasy football rules

Types of market offered 

35.1.1   Over/under: These markets will be settled based on the number of points scored by the named player.

35.1.2   Head-to-head: This market will be settled based on the player to score more points. In the event of a draw, bets on this market will be voided.


General rules

35.2.1   All markets will be determined on the day the match takes place.

35.2.2   Point scores are determined by Smarkets’ points scoring system.

35.2.3   Players are assigned points based on their real-life performance in Premier League matches.

35.2.4   The points awarded during the game may be revised up to one hour after the final whistle of the last Premier League match on a given day. Once all the points have been updated on that day, no further modifications will be made. 

35.2.5   We will endeavour to settle all markets within two hours of the final Premier League match finishing on that day.

35.2.6   All bets will be voided if a named player does not start a match in the given gameweek.

35.2.7   Points are calculated as follows:


Action Points
For playing up to 60 minutes 1
For playing 60 minutes or more (excluding stoppage time) 2
For each goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender 6
For each goal scored by a midfielder 5
For each goal scored by a forward 4
For each goal assist 3
For a clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender 4
For a clean sheet by a midfielder 1
For every 3 shot saves by a goalkeeper 1
For each penalty save 5
For each penalty miss -2
Bonus points for the best players in a match 1-3
For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender -1
For each yellow card -1
For each red card -3
For each own goal -2



35.3.1   Clean sheets: A clean sheet is granted to a player who plays at least 60 minutes (excluding stoppage time) without the opposing team scoring. If a player is substituted before a goal is conceded, it will not have any impact on their eligibility for a clean sheet bonus.

35.3.2   Red Cards: Once a player receives a red card, they will continue to face penalties for any goals conceded by their team.

35.3.3   Assists: Assists are awarded to the player from the team that scores, who delivers the last pass leading to the goal. An assist is credited regardless of whether the pass was made intentionally (directly creating the scoring opportunity) or made unintentionally (requiring the player to dribble the ball or resulting from an inadvertent touch or shot). However, if an opposing player significantly alters the ball after the final pass, no assist is awarded. Similarly, if a defensive error by an opposing player occurs after an opposing player's touch, no assist will be awarded. Additionally, if the goal scorer loses possession and then regains it before scoring, no assist is awarded.

35.3.4   An assist is awarded if a shot on goal is obstructed by the opposition, saved by the goalkeeper, or hits the framework, and a goal is subsequently scored from the rebound. The initial shot does not need to be on target for an assist to be credited.

35.3.5   Own goals: An assist is awarded if a player takes a shot or makes a pass that forces an opposing player to score an own goal.

35.3.6   Penalties and Free-Kicks: The player earning the penalty or free-kick is awarded an assist if a goal is directly scored, but not if he takes it himself, in which case no assist is awarded.

35.3.7   Bonus Points: The Smarkets Bonus Points (SBP) system uses a range of statistics to create a SBP score for each player. Bonus points will be given to the top three performing players in each match. The player with the highest score will receive 3 points, the second-best player will receive 2 points, and the third-best player will receive 1 point. 


Action BPS
Playing 1 to 60 minutes 3
Playing over 60 minutes 6
Goalkeepers and defenders scoring a goal 12
Midfielders scoring a goal 18
Forwards scoring a goal 24
Assists 9
Goalkeepers and defenders keeping a clean sheet 12
Saving a penalty 15
Save 2
Successful open play cross 1
Creating a big chance (a chance where the receiving player should score) 3
For every 2 clearances, blocks and interceptions (total) 1
For every 3 recoveries 1
Key pass 1
Successful tackle (net*) 2
Successful dribble 1
Scoring the goal that wins a match 3
70 to 79% pass completion (at least 30 passes attempted) 2
80 to 89% pass completion (at least 30 passes attempted) 4
90%+ pass completion (at least 30 passes attempted) 6
Conceding a penalty -3
Missing a penalty -6
Yellow card -3
Red card -9
Own goal -6
Missing a big chance -3
Making an error which leads to a goal -3
Making an error which leads to an attempt at goal -1
Being tackled -1
Conceding a foul -1
Being caught offside -1
Shot off target -1


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