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Matched betting calculator

This free matched betting calculator allows you to calculate a qualifying bet or any free bet, so you know exactly how much to stake on your lay bet in order to minimise initial losses and maximise overall profits. The matched betting calculator also allows you to both underlay and overlay your selections.

How to use the matched betting calculator

Using the matched betting calculator is simple. Just follow the below instructions:

  1. Choose the type of matched bet you are making (qualifying, free bet stake not returned/stake returned).
  2. Enter your stake, the odds and commission (if using an exchange to back with) for your initial back/lay bet.
  3. Enter the lay odds available on the exchange and the commission they charge.
  4. This will then display your required lay stake, the amount of liability that is needed, the amount the bookmaker bet would win and the amount the exchange lay would win, depending on what the specified minimum and maximum stakes are.
  5. The slider allows you to underlay or overlay the bet if you wish.

Why use the matched betting calculator

Simply put, matched betting allows you to benefit from bookmakers’ free bet bonuses, offers and incentives by using a betting exchange to make a low-risk profit.

To implement a matched betting strategy, you place a bet with the bookmaker who offered you the free bet and then lay, or bet against, the same outcome on the Smarkets betting exchange.

This strategy allows you to cover all potential outcomes, eliminating your risk, and lock in a profit irrespective of the final result.

The Smarkets matched betting calculator is a quick way of working out how much you need to lay to reduce qualifying matched bets losses and boost your overall matched betting profit.

Want to learn the maths behind the matched betting calculator? This article explains how to calculate matched betting bets.

Smarkets welcome matched bettors and because we offer an industry-low fixed 2% commission on net profits only, it makes sense to matched bet with Smarkets.

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