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Hedging calculator

This hedging calculator works out how much you need to back or lay to guarantee a profit or reduce your loss - whether your bet wins or loses - on a betting exchange by trading out of a market - leaving you with an equal profit or loss across all selections in that specific market.

How to use the hedging calculator

  1. Select either back or lay depending on what your initial bet on the market was.

  2. Enter your original stake and the decimal odds you bet with.

  3. Enter the opposing odds which are now available on your selection.

  4. Enter the commission for the betting exchange you bet with.

  5. The hedging calculator will then display the amount you should back or lay to lock in a guaranteed market position, irrespective of the result.

  6. You can use the slider to partially hedge a market, allowing you to trade out only a set percentage of your original bet.

Why use the the trade-out calculator

The Smarkets hedging calculator - also known as a green-up calculator or trade-out calculator - is the perfect tool for traders to quickly know how much they need to either back or lay to hedge a betting market.

Hedging your bets involves placing bets on a different outcome to your original bet to secure a guaranteed profit regardless of the result, or reduce your risk on a market whereby the odds have moved against you.

Learn how to hedge your bets also known as trade out of a market, or if you would like to understand the maths behind hedge betting, read how to calculate a hedge bet.

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