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Arbitrage calculator

This arbitrage calculator - also known as an arb calculator - automatically calculates how much you should stake on each outcome on a market you want to make an arbitrage bet on.

How to use the arbitrage calculator

  • Using the Smarkets arbitrage calculator is simple. Just follow the below instructions:
  • Input the total stake you want to risk.
  • Input the odds for outcome 1 and the commission if on a betting exchange (if you are arbing between bookmakers set the commission value to 0).
  • Repeat for the other outcomes you would like to arb (add new outcome if you require more than 4 outcomes on a market).

The arb calculator will then automatically inform you how much you need to stake on each outcome and your profit.

Why use the arb calculator

The Smarkets arbitrage calculator is a quick way of identifying potential arbitrage opportunities and provides you with the required stake for your arbitrage bet so that you can lock in a profit.

Arbitrage betting or arbing is a trading method used on betting exchanges that guarantees a profit by taking advantage of price disparities between and within markets whether using betting exchanges or bookmakers.

Learn more about arbitrage betting or If you would like to understand the maths behind arbitrage betting, read how to calculate arbitrage bets.

Smarkets welcome arbitrage bettors and we are arb friendly with our industry-low fixed 2% commission on net profits only.

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