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Why Smarkets has the best tennis odds


When betting on tennis you should always look for the best odds to improve your long-term profitability. This article explains why you get more return betting on tennis with Smarkets compared to bookmakers and other exchanges.

Best tennis odds

Smarkets’s tennis odds offer you more return and profit compared to bookmakers and other exchanges thanks to our industry-low flat 2% commission.

Let’s look at the 2016 Grand Slams to see how your profit would compare if you placed a winning £10 stake on each game (Smarkets odds include 2% commission).

ATP Grand Slams


The data shows betting on ATP Grand Slams with Smarkets gives you a bigger profit compared to bookmakers and other exchanges charging 5% commission.

Overall you would have made 10.22%, or £402.39, more profit betting with Smarkets compared to bookmakers.

WTA Grand Slams


You would have made even more compared to the ATP with 19.30%, or £840.53, more profit betting with Smarkets compared to bookmakers.

Comparing betting margins

Betting margins are the difference between the odds the customer is offered and the true probability of the outcome. A margin - also known as overround - of 100% is a fair market - the higher the percentage above 100%, the worse the odds are for the bettor.

The chart below compares the combined ATP and WTA average margin per tournament for both bookmakers and the Smarkets betting exchange.


Our margins - which include the 2% commission - also indicate that we offer the best tennis odds compared to bookmakers. The Smarkets overround on average was 100.97 for the four Grand Slams in 2016, compared to 105.55 for bookmakers.

This difference may not sound big, but over an entire tennis season the betting margin will have an impact on your return - learn how to calculate betting margins.

Smarkets tennis product

Not only do Smarkets offer the best tennis odds and the lowest margins, but we are also committed to offering an unrivalled tennis product:

  • Trade with the fastest real-time tennis data.
  • Trade each point live.
  • Outrights, match winner and correct score markets.
  • ATP, WTA and Challenger Tour odds.
  • High liquidity on tennis markets
  • Trade out and keep bets in-play features

Tennis betting strategy

We have a dedicated betting education centre designed to help you improve as a trader. Why not check out these tennis betting strategy articles:

Apply this to betting

Tennis bettors looking to make a profit should always bet with the best value and odds. That’s what we offer at Smarkets thanks to our industry-low 2% commission, only on net profits per market.

We also give you the opportunity to back and lay, and an unrivalled tennis product committed to providing you with the tools you need for successful trading.

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